Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Craft Night and Things We Love!

We decided to have a craft night the other evening AND despite the endless screaming and crying about having paint on his hand...the craft turned out quite nicely! Making memories that last...a favorite thing for sure!

Jonathan's hand is huge!
Another favorite...

We love those crazy poems.
Daddy reading Shel Silverstein Poems to us!

If you haven't read them...you must. They are awesome!

The newest book...Everything On It...is the best one so far!

We also LOVE...

When Daddy holds him!

We get some of the funniest faces when Daddy is talking to him...

We also LOvE, loVe, LOVE...

The Little Man's Strawberry Blond Hair!
Furthermore, we love...

Our swing!!!
It keeps him busy for little ten minute intervals which is really great when you just HAVE to get something done.

He has recently discovered the mobile hanging from it.
More things we love...NAARTJIE KIDS CLOTHING

These are NAARTJIE booties!
Sebastian wears them to bed at night because they are the ONLY ones that do not fall off in the middle of the night!

I think they are cute but I did have to let them grow on me :)

Another love of ours is this fabulous orange bear we found at the Carter outlet store!

When you push his hand, he sings the ABC's and kicks his feet up and down, so cute!

A warm bath and rocking chair work together!
He loves a great bath, pacifier and rocking chair!


Both my men are sleeping soundly! Picture perfect!

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