Friday, January 6, 2012


What a Face!
I was recently inspired by another Blog I follow where the writer listed all the charities she and her husband donated to each year. It got me to thinking about the charities and people I support and my reasons behind why I chose those particular programs. I never actually put them down on a list or thought about them together as opposed to individually. they are and why I feel compelled to donate.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
I received a letter in the mail one afternoon from St. Jude, they were asking for a donation for a little boy diagnosed with a rare cancer. While looking at the picture of that little boy, all bald from radiation and so innocent looking, it reminded me of my own little brother who suffered so greatly his first few years of life. No child should have to go through that but if they do need medical help, they should get as much as they need. I strongly agree with St. Jude's policy of no child can be turned down because they can't pay the bill. A child has no control over how much money their parent(s) make and shouldn't be limited in their health care cause their parent can't afford health insurance. I support St. Jude's because they do incredible things and you never know when you might suddenly have a child who is sick.

Make-a-Wish Foundation
The Make-a-Wish foundation, for anyone who is not familiar with them, grants wishes to terminally and critically ill children across the world. They are a wonderful organization!!! Samuel was critically ill for most of his first 8 years of life, he spent more time in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit then he did at home. I was difficult on my parents, who were taking turns spending the night at the hospital with him, but also difficult on all of us left home worrying. A doctor suggested to my mom to ask Make-a-Wish to grant Samuel a wish and maybe give him a small break from hospital life. In 2003, Make-a-Wish granted Samuel's wish of wanting to go to Disney World with his whole family, Samuel's whole family is TEN people! Not only did they grant his wish but they made it an unforgettable and once in a lifetime affair. We were picked up by Limos, stayed at the Give Kids the World Resort for families with Special Needs, visited every single Disney and Marvel park and got to eat all the ice cream we wanted! We also got a special pass to use in the parks that got us to the front of the line at every ride. It was an incredible experience and it gave Samuel as well as all of us, a way to take our minds off of his medical illness. 
I support Make-a-Wish because they make dreams come true, what's more wonderful than that?!?

American Cancer Society
I started supporting the American Cancer Society in 2010, after my little sister was diagnosed with Cancer. At only 19 years old, it was a huge shock to her as well as the rest of the family. She started her fight back in August of 2010 and after surgery and radiation treatments, she is now cancer free. Fortunately, her thyroid cancer was caught early and we were able to keep her in good spirits through her battle. The American Cancer Society was a great resource for her and my family throughout the whole process. They have people who you can call and who will talk to you about all of your options and resources and just be supportive to anyone who needs someone to listen and sympathize. Thousands of people are diagnosed everyday and I think its important to support the research for cures! Every year since Kelly was diagnosed, we have participated in several different Relay's for Life (one in Appalachian and one in Eastern Carolina). Kelly has raised thousands, this passed year she was the top fund raiser for the entire school!

After putting more thought into it, I realized that I only donated to charities that I had a personal connection with, I guess I felt as though they used the funds the best way...I recently decided to add a charity that I have no personal connection to, a complete wild card charity.

World Vision here we come...

Some pictures of the FLIRT!

Thanks for the Inspiration...

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