Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grumpy Monkey

So, it is no secret that we have one of the grumpiest babies on the planet...he is the epitome of a colic child and we have been eagerly awaiting the day he turned 3 months old. Supposedly, this was going to be his turning point where he all of the sudden realizes, "Life's not that bad". Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes with him, has seen the other side, the unsoothable side. He can have a clean diaper, full stomach and be in someone's arms and still unhappy. If this were an occasional circumstance then it would be typical baby behavior, however, my son....IS ALWAYS this way. He is usually not smiling unless he has just been removed from a boob! Seeing as though this is our first child and we don't really know any differently or have anything to compare his mood to, this is normal to us and we just deal with it. We love him, no matter what!

These last few days, however, his crying has gone above and beyond the normal irritability. He has even been crying during nursing, which is usually the only time he is not. So, we were brought to our wits end last night and finally tried a warm bath cause that usually calms him down.

Yes, he is wearing a diaper cause is seems as though the instant he hits warm water, he has to make bubbles :)

Awful picture of me but it was the first time all day he wasn't crying so we had to catch the moment.

We thought a full nights rest would help with the mood...BUT...

When he woke up screaming...and nothing would soothe was time to make an appointment to see the doctor. We got in at 10:20am this morning! Our pediatrician could really do nothing but smile when he came into the room...Sebastian was crying endlessly, just like his last visit. We explained his symptoms...crying, crying, crying and more crying! He checked for an ear infection, baby hernia, teeth, congestion...all clear. We had noticed recently that although he does not spit up, he has had a lot of reflux that doesn't make it all the way up. So, the doctor thinks he has acid reflux causing his throat to be raw and sore and therefore causing misery. We were prescribed an antacid to be given twice a day and a referral to see the gastro specialist.

At the end of the day...he is finally sleeping....for now!

OH, he is also 14 pounds 4 ounces now!!!!

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  1. Aw I never would have guessed that he wasn't the happiest baby! He is always smiling so big in all of the pictures. I hope the reflux meds work. Fussy babies are no fun- especially when they should be SLEEPING. ;) Good luck!!!