Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years & Enjoying the Music Box

My mom super surprised me this Christmas and got me an antique music box that play those fabulous metal disks...they are most famous for their Regina melodies. It is over a hundred years old and plays beautifully...Sebastian is in LOVE with music so it was the perfect gift!

I have secretly wanted one for awhile now but I just recently mentioned it to my mom about two weeks before Christmas and she found one! I LOVE IT, MOM!!!

We finally got it into the house and set up the other night, Sebastian loved it! We listened to it for quite awhile.

Sebastian's first New Year's Eve was a laid back and wonderful. We just hung out and ate some tasty food, had some yummy Daiquiri's and then went in the hot tub! Sebastian loved the warm water...we kept a diaper on of course!

After the hot tub, all lazy and relaxed!

We all looked a little disheveled.

Uncle Sam enjoyed spending the night with the ones who didn't hit up the town.

The little guy talking to Mama after his meal.

Waiting for a smile.

Trying to catch the smile but failing miserably.

Ok, enough of that.

Happy New Year!!!


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