Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tough Day at Work

I was dreading waking up this morning! Yesterday ended with a late night of working...one of our corporate employees suddenly did a 180 spin with her attitude this past week and became probably one of our most insubordinate Qualified Professionals...ever! All of her respect and professionalism went out the door as she threw down pens, clearly ignored her job duties and intentionally mocked senior staff.
I am 24 years old and carry the weight of being the president of a multi-million dollar corporation on my shoulders and I know what is professional and what is not...how is it that she did not being much older than I am? We made numerous attempts to figure out what had happened or what was bothering her, but she would not come to any middle ground. Her attitude peaked at the end of business yesterday when we officially wrote her up for her recent negligent actions...she apparently did not like us calling attention to the areas she needed improvements on and decided to throw the pen down on the table and leave the meeting before it was concluded. 
She pretty much sealed her fate with that last disrespectful move...employment is a two way street...you have to perform in order for me to pay your salary. The decision had to be made late last night to let her go first thing in the morning. Which meant that I would need to be at the office by 6:30am to prepare. A fabulous 5:30am wake up call was in order followed by the wonderful task of firing first thing in the morning. I have come to the conclusion, after much discussion today about the events and reactions, that being fired was exactly what this disgruntled employee wanted. 
I thank President Obama for the wonderful hard spot he has put companies in....employees no longer resign when they wish to move to another state or want to take a position at another company, instead they become as insubordinate as possible so that when they are fired, they get to file unemployment!
So, my day started off super early and then was followed by a termination later to be followed by another home review and yet another emergency late in the afternoon. All of this on top of my already very busy schedule for the day.
On a good note, I was able to get out of work by 6:45pm only a TWELVE hour work day with less than that between the next one. I can guarentee that tomorrow will be full of the fabulously unexpected on top of the already highly anticipated! Oh the wonderful life of a working girl!

I think I am most upset about these late nights and early mornings because I have not had time to practice French! It makes me very sad!


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