Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fabulous Weekend and Great Monday Tomorrow

Bonjour All!

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend with my husband! We didn't really do anything Valentinie but we got to hang out together all weekend long, which is better than anything else! Tomorrow, Jonathan is planning on surprising me with a dinner out at a fancy restaurant in Charlotte! I am looking forward to it, our only challenge is the time in which he chose to make our reservation....6:45pm. Now, you would think that after 3 years of being together, the man would know how my days play out by now. You would think he would remember that even on a good day, I hardly get home by 6:45pm let alone get home, get dressed and back on the road to arrive at the said restaurant 30 minutes away by 6:45pm. So, I will most likely be bringing my dress and shoes to work with me so I can change there and be picked up by my man in time to make it to our date.
Tomorrow is also going to be great because our new clinical director and qualified professional start tomorrow, so we will have a full office at work! Although it is always hard when someone new starts, it is worth it when they can take some of the work off of you. I am looking forward to my week getting off on the right foot!

Until next time....Salut!

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