Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Preparing for the Audit!

My first post about work...ugh...I spent the entire day preparing for an ESC audit that will take place tomorrow morning, bright and early. Audits are always a huge headache, lots and lots of checking and rechecking and rechecking files that we already know are perfect but feel like we should just keep case we missed something! I know it pays off in the end but for those few weeks before the day arrives, my days consist of a lot of running around and long nights looking through paperwork. 

On top of the fabulous preparation that took place for the audit, we also had a Licensed Home Review at one of our Raleigh homes, an emergency with one of our DCS (Direct Care Staff) involving an ambulance and having to find emergency placements for her two clients. We also had a client coming home from the hospital needing an emergency placement as well as having to deal with our computer program being down. Just another day in life of a working woman. Actually, we consider that a semi slow day...tomorrow is the really busy day!

ESC audit, here we come....I am pretty sure it will all turn out alright...I will let update tomorrow after it is all over :)

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