Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Will Learn French!


I fell in love with the French language when I studied it in college. I learned quite a bit in my two years of Fre 111 and 112, but when you are forced to learn it in a rigid strict never seems to be as enjoyable. I loved learning the language but I hated the way I was being taught!

So, it is my goal to become fluent in French this year! No more wedding to plan or Accreditation to go through at schedule is open! I have bought a computer program with awesome interactive games and vocabulary. I am all setup for success, now all I need to do is learn it :)

My first day of trying it was yesterday scores were very good for not using what I know for two years. I was able to recall all the colors, numbers, food, and quite a bit of the everyday vocabulary. Jonathan has even agreed to learn it with me, so we will see how we progress. 

It is just such a beautiful language and culture full of rolling r's and fabulous coffee and crumpets. My hopes are that Jonathan and I will be traveling to Paris either this year or next year and I will be able to use my new language skills to order us dinner and dessert!

So, I shall keep you updated on my progress!

For now....Salut!

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