Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tongue Piercing Interview

Well, a mere 24 hours after having to terminate an employee, we have a new Qualified Professional (QP) on staff. I am very hopeful that she will work out beautifully. That is one of the good things about the industry I work in, there are always Qualified Professionals looking for jobs.
We still have several more interviews to conduct tomorrow and Monday, we are looking to hire on a fourth to help lighten the case load of the existing QP's. You would be amazed at how people come to interviews! I sure was! I think the proper way to prepare for an interview would be to take a shower, put on a clean pair of clothes, pay a little attention to my hair, my makeup, cover up any unprofessional items (e.g. TONGUE PIERCINGS). Although, I wouldn't necessarily hold that against an individual but it sure as heck comes into play when I have two great people to chose from and one of them does not have a tongue piercing that causes them to lisp!
Just a thought!

Anyway, all in all a successful day! I am too tired to really go into much of anything else tonight, I think I will go watch some Grey's Anatomy! Hopefully Lexi and Sloan will get back together (fingers crossed).


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