Tuesday, February 1, 2011

House Husband

As most of you know, Jonathan is a full time student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, while I work my full time job to support us. I foresee the tables turning in the future, especially after we start having children because I don't believe in daycare. I think Jonathan has a hard time with me being the breadwinner in the family but I keep reminding him that someday I will be washing the dishes and vacuuming the floors while he is at work all day. 

Our backwards roles were the cause of some frustrations at the beginning of our relationship but we have come to enjoy them now. What made me think to blog about our confusing roles were the events that happened this evening :)

I had a wonderful message on my phone right as I got off work, "Call me as soon as possible, I have good news!" So, I used the sync in my fancy schmancy vehicle to find out the "good news." I always love listening to my husbands wonderfully manly voice over the Bose speakers..."My professor sent me a message that said I was one of the top students in my Calculus class!" I completely understood his excitement cause last week we were having the complete opposite discussion involving his hatred and confusion in the very same course.

Our conversation eventually turned to dinner and I came home to the smell of a fabulous baking vegetarian lasagna and hug and a kiss! I love my house husband! There is nothing like coming home to the wonderful smell of dinner, not to mention the relief of not having to do the cooking tonight. We later had a awesome 30 minutes of Power Yoga with Jillian Michaels...then our TV shorted out on us and so he spent the next hour trying to fix it. I guess that is a manly thing to do, fix the TV!

I think the cutest thing my house husband does is dote on our puppies! Everything from wrestling with a toy to luxurious fancy meals to cuddling on the couch together! It tells me that he is going to be an incredible dad someday! I can't wait to see how he will spoil our little ones.

That concludes another long day and wonderful evening in the Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Dean household! 

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