Sunday, March 10, 2013


So, I was able to get ahead enough at work to take the day and spend it at the Riverbanks Zoo with my little man. Now that does not mean I did not get a dozen calls throughout the day but at least we got to go to the zoo.

Sebastian started off in a great mood. However, he refused to take his morning nap so by the time we got to the zoo, he was exhausted. He still wasn't too bad to manage but it did mean limited smiles while we were there.

As always, we enjoyed seeing all the fascinating wild life...there weren't any fantastic, action packed displays but we did get to see the elephants very close, have a hands on experience with the lorries and lorikeets, and got to feed the giraffes.

Okay, so my computer does some screwy things with captions so I am not going to add one to each of these pictures, they are pretty self explanatory. Like I said, very few smiles.

Yes, that is my very huge belly! After the elephants, we stopped to have some pizza at a little restaurant inside the was actually pretty tasty despite costing a fortune!

He was out cold within minutes of leaving the zoo! Uncle Kamerin, Uncle Sam and Samantha joined us for the fun day out in the beautiful weather, the first day we were above 55 degrees.

Saturday morning, having been outside more than normal the day before, Sebastian was glued to the glass door begging to go out! So, we had a hurried breakfast and headed out for a neighborhood stroll in the wagon and stopped at the neighborhood park for some energy exhausting fun!

When we got back to the house, over an hour later, Jonathan took one good look at our lawn and exclaimed it was time to mow...I agreed! Our lawn had begun to turn a yellowish hue due to the overly long blades. Now, I knew this would be a battle since Sebastian is fascinated with all things motorized and manly! He threw a tantrum of epic proportions when we went inside to change his diaper...I felt so bad cause all he wanted to do was help Daddy. We ventured back out and I tried distracting him with the broom....his Mack truck....his tricycle with plenty of loud buttons....NOTHING was as good as chasing down Daddy to push the lawn mower! Jonathan finally gave in and tried a few laps with him on his shoulders....even this was not as satisfying as pushing the darn thing!

Saturday afternoon, we had Kamerin and Samuel and Samantha over for a cookout while we also tried to tackle putting together Sebastian's Christmas present from Mamie and Pops.....a playhouse! The cookout was fabulous, Jonathan made his steak specialty and our playhouse adventure dragged on til Sunday afternoon....I'll be posting about that experience next!

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