Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Big Boy Haircut

By: Shel Silverstein

You've spilt you milk
And dumped the mashed
Potatoes in your chair.
There's tapioca in your nose
And broccoli in your hair.
Your applesauce is on the wall
And nothin's on your spoon.
I think perhaps we let you
Try to feed yourself too soon.

I'm pretty sure the above poem, by my all-time favorite kids author, describes my child to a tee when it comes to mealtime! He would rather wear the food than eat it! Cheese-Its are his lifeline at this point...gotta love that crunchy goodness.

He is now 17 1/2 months old and more interesting than ever! We have discovered that he has a fetish and love for's quite cute! Mamie and Pops brought back an adorable pair of sneakers from Bonaire in the Caribbean. We tried them on Sebastian and he was hilarious... He went around the house showing everyone his new shoes. He would lift his foot and point to his sneakers and show everyone the cars on them.

In anticipation of the summer months, I have been trying to find a pair of sandals/flips for him to wear. This sounds like it shouldn't be that difficult right? He wears size 6 baby shoes...BUT...he has the strangest feet in that they are sooooo chunky on top. They aren't incredibly huge or anything, they just have very poofy tops. To give you an example, I bought him a pair of crocs and they only sell a size 4 and larger so I got the 4s, which at the time, he did not fit into. I figured he would grow into them...yeah, when he was finally ready to wear them, I squished his little foot in there only to discover that his poor little fatty tops oozzed out of the little holes. Needless to say, he never got to wear them! They were a great (BRAND NEW) handy me down to his cousin, Wesley.

So, this search for a pair of sandals/flips that will actually fit his feet has not been very productive. We bought a pair of Nike ones, when he wasn't with us, that had to be returned and he won't even try the ones with a thong. We exchanged the Nike sandals for an adorable pair of loafers, doesn't really help us for the summer, but they were cute and he LOVES them...couldn't wait to try them on.

On another note, I took Sebastian to get his first "Big Boy" haircut at a place called Pigtails and Crewcuts. Usually, Mamie just cuts his hair but it was getting wildly unmanageable of late and I arrived at my Dr. Appt too early today, so...since the barber was literally across the street, we ventured in. They have a fabulous set-up. The chairs are fire trucks, taxis, airplanes and cars and they play Disney movies in view of each seat. Sebastian was thrilled to get to sit in the Fire Truck and steer his way through "Tangled". He did beautifully! He usually does pretty good if I am close by and talk to him while its being cut but not a tear was shed and not a tantrum was thrown during the whole process. He was most upset about not being able to reach the bell on the fire truck...a true emergency. Jonathan freaked a little when I told him it cost me a whopping $17.00 but I said it was worth it if it was a good experience and he leaves happy verses traumatized. I hear all these horror stories about having to hold them down and screaming babies when the clippers come out...I'll fork up $17 bucks any day to have him smile through the whole thing and see haircuts as fun and not scary.

He looks quite handsome with his new hairdo!

My appointment went well...she is not too large measuring in at 34.5 weeks and I am 35 weeks. I have made it to the every week appointment breakdown...oh joy! Only four weeks left til delivery...its right around the corner!

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