Friday, March 1, 2013

Soap Crayons

Toddler Activities Project #1
Soap Crayons

Okay, so I cheated a little on this first project...not a good start, I know! However, I just didn't see the need to make bath crayons when they are a whopping $3 at Target! We have tried a few different bath activities this past week...crayons, shaving cream, water color changing tablets and good old fashion bubbles! Sebastian loved the bubbles (figures), he has recently figured out that they are fun to play with and not really that scary. He also enjoyed the tablets that changed the water color...unfortunately, 1 tablet doesn't seem fascinating enough and he wants to put in the end of the bath we had some pretty yucky looking brown/black water. 

The shaving cream was pretty hilarious! I took one of Jonathan's travel cans and set it near the edge of the bath....immediately, the grunting and reaching began. I got the usual, ADORABLE, "yeah" and head nod when I asked him if he wanted to try it. He so politely stretched out his palm for a dollop. The blue, cold blob was excitedly greeted with a "whooooaaa" and a cheesy grin. He examined it for a bit and then realized it looked a lot like soap and did his thing by working up a lather and smearing it all over his tummy.....then into the hair we went! I never let him wash his own hair because we do not use tear-free soap, his porcelain skin just doesn't do well on anything but Dove, but that does not mean he doesn't try to 'help'. So, we had a blue tummy and blue hair and smelled quite strongly of men's cologne/ we embraced it and proceeded to cover his perfectly round butt cheeks, arms, legs and chest...he was a shaving cream monster for a bit!

Anyhow, we did play with the bath crayons too...I believe they are Crayola brand. We actually tried them in the shower first, I figured the glass door was a perfect canvas. He got quite creative with his scribbles, very cute. Then he tried to eat them!!! We lost a few noble crayons...he didn't swallow, don't worry. I was quick to fish them out of his mouth, he was just so darn quick in biting the heads off! 

In general, he has not shown a lot of interest in coloring, so the bath crayons lasted about five minutes. It was a fun project though and I recommend trying all of the different variations of bath time fun: bath crayons, shaving cream, water color changing tablets, and a great bubble bath!

I don't have any bath/shower photos for you :) but get a load of this one!
Sebastian                                                                                Jonathan
Any doubts as to who his Daddy is?

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  1. that is fantastic, can't wait til Wes is old enough to try those :)