Monday, March 11, 2013


Like I said in previous posts...this was the first beautiful weather weekend we have had in a long time. The warmer days have been landing during the week and the weekends have been plagued by rainy weather. Our backyard is a harbor for rain water, so we can't go out and run around in it for at least a few days after it the summer we water with sprinklers and we have the same problem. We have to keep it moist to keep it green but then it is too wet to play in...ugh the joys of home ownership!

Anyway, back to was so beautiful outside that we decided to finally assemble Sebastian's Christmas gift from Mamie and Pops, a playhouse!

We dread these tasks...especially when you open the box and the assembly instructions look like a novel! A million wooden pieces and even more was going to be a LONG project. But, it was beautiful outside and if we were going to sit out there anyway, we might as well make good use of our time.

What trouble could a 16 month old possibly get into when trapped in a fenced in yard.....he would climb the ONE bench in the yard! Turn your back for two seconds and he is standing all the way up on the bench, waiting to be rescued!

Anyway, just so you know...this darn thing took us most of the day on Saturday and all day on Sunday to put together! We finished it around 4:00pm on Sunday. He loves it though! It comes equipped with a phone, sink, stove, counter, doorbell and bench! It is quite funny to watch him go in and out...the door is secured by a magnet and it is a tad too tough for him. He will push/pull with all his might to get it open and then it will let loose and he goes tumbling down. He will get the hang of it eventually....what is the most interesting is when he gets Mama or Daddy to go inside with him...that's a sight to see!

It will be a fun summer playing in the backyard with the buck-a-roo...he is definitely an outdoors-man!

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