Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Carseat Glamified!

I was torn between buying a new carseat or trying to beautify Sebastian's...sure, there was nothing wrong with his, it just had a boy feel to it. Plus, we had all new stuff for him, it feels weird to give her all handy-me-downs! On the other hand, we has two bases for his old one and it really suited our need...not to mention how expensive new ones are or the fact that they all seem to be boy or gender neutral colors.
So, I found a win-win solution! Small Spouts is a cute little company that hand makes carseat covers in a plethora of adorable designs for both girls and boys AND they are different then all the other stuff out there! I placed my order and cringed at the 7-9 week processing time, since they hand make each piece to the specification of your carseat brand, but all good things are worth waiting for!

It finally arrived yesterday!!!! I loved it right out of the box and tonight I finally had time to put it on...took me a little while to figure it out but brains prevailed!

It looks fabulous!!!! And so, so girly...exactly what I wanted! It looks cute with and without the cover!

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