Thursday, March 21, 2013

He is FINALLY out for good!!!

The long awaited day has finally, I have not gone into labor although it would be welcomed at this point! After four long years of active duty and four years of inactive reserves, Jonathan got his HONORABLY DISCHARGED certificate from the United States Marine Corps!

When we first met...five long years ago...I very vividly remember having mixed feelings about the whole military thing. Not having grown up in a military family, my grandfather served but none of my immediate family, I was very unfamiliar with all things military. When my friend told me she had someone she wanted to introduce me to and that he was a Marine, my initial thought was "no, way...I'm not going to get attached to someone who will be gone half the time, military life is not for me!" But, she connected us anyway and although his first message was nothing spectacular, it was worth a second look. I could tell immediately that I would be missing out on the best thing in my life if I said "no" just because he was a military man.

Pictures from Iraq
It just so happened that Jonathan was deployed a whole two days prior to sending me my first message. I look back now and am grateful for this fact...I think meeting him, briefly or not, then watching him leave for seven months, would have been a nightmare. This way, we had to get to know each other solely through messages and can tell a lot about someone when you have nothing to do but talk!

It was the LONGEST seven months of my nine month pregnancy went by faster! When he finally came home on October 15, 2008 (after two delays), there really is no way to describe what kind of feelings I was flooded with. I could finally, physically feel that he was real and safe and excited to see me. I had numerous dreams about finally seeing him, always to wake up and feel that rush of disappointment but when it was finally real...its indescribable!

Just because he had finished his deployment by no means meant we were done with the military, it just meant I had changed my mind...he was worth the wait! I was now willing to go on this active/inactive journey with him. He was stationed at Camp Lejuene for at least another 8 months, which meant more long distance relationship but he was incredible and drove home to Charlotte every single weekend from October to June! He was discharged from active duty the day before my sister, Kristyn's wedding, on June 25, 2009. Active duty discharge meant the beginning of inactive reserves, which for us, was relatively event free...thank you, God! Even though you know the likeliness of being recalled is super slim, you always have it lingering in the back of your mind. For those of you who are pro-military life, it would probably be hard to understand but although Jonathan enjoyed the Marines Corps and values his time spent in the service, he never intended to be a lifetime Marine. After the birth of our son, it has become clear that he is definitely a family man...there is no way he could be away from his little man for more than a day and Sebastian is glued to his Daddy!

So, after five years for me and eight years for Jonathan, we are OVERJOYED to see that magic little piece of paper! I am grateful to the Marines for helping make Jonathan into the man he is today. I don't think we would have met or become the family we are today without his time spent in the service, BUT I am so thrilled to be free from that daunting contract! My husband is ALL mine now, no one else gets to tell him what to do or take him away for someone else's cause. We are happy to continue growing our family and start this new chapter in our life....military free!

SO extremely proud of you babe!!! I love you a ridiculous amount!!! Thank you for serving our country and thank you for making me the happiest woman in the world...we have a life to be envious of!

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