Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sponge Seedlings

Toddler Project #2
Sponge Seedlings

In our fabulous book of toddler activities...I went to the holidays section to find a St. Patrick's Day themed project. There was a relatively easy one called Sponge Seedlings in which you took an everyday household sponge and spread seeds evenly across the top. Sprinkle on a little water and place in a sunny window...voila...your seedlings should sprout in no time at all. Now what was supposed to make this St. Patrick's Day themed was cutting the sponge into a clover shape but we left them rectangular for more surface area. I guess the growing of green sprouts also makes it St. Patty's Day project, seemed simple enough and so Sebastian and I took the challenge. 

I found some dirt looking sponges at good ol' Wally World and a packet of Black Eyed Susan seeds. 

We placed all the sponges on a cookie tray to ensure no leakages and then sprinkled all the seeds on top of them. No, I didn't get any pictures of the sprinkling process as it was hard enough to manage tiny little seeds and a 16 month old...the camera was out of the question, but I did get a shot of the finished project. 

Now, I am assuming that they will take a few days to sprout as they don't seem to be instantaneous seedlings! I will keep you posted on their progress. 

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