Thursday, February 2, 2012

A New Bouncer

His new bouncer at work
We have one really good day with Sebastian and then a really bad then, then a good one and so is a roller coaster but at least its every other day and we are getting better and better with age. I found a new baby bouncer at Once Upon a Child, I needed one at work because he is getting very tired of the swing. Having to buy two of everything (one for home and one for work) is getting quite expensive so we have had to become resourceful. Katelynn has dug her old standing bouncer out of her attic so we can try that next.

I didn't think my child was that large but after seeing a baby, in a restaurant the other night, who was older than Sebastian but about half his size, I now know that he is quite large. He is often mistaken for a six month old and only turns 16 weeks old tomorrow. He is not fat by any means, just on the right track to becoming a 6' 3" muscular man like his father. 

We do have a new DISCOVERY...he has realized he has hands and they can grab things! Well at least his left hand, I am hoping he is not left handed since Jonathan and I are both right handed. He now likes laying on his playmat and reaching for his toys.

In his swing, at work.

In his bouncer with the piano underneath...we have to get creative at work.
Yesterday, we had a very bad mood day...but today, I woke up to a very happy baby who stayed that way for most of the day.

Love those bright baby blues!

In his new bouncer!

Yay for hands!!!

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