Sunday, February 12, 2012

30 Hours of Driving with a 4 Month Old!!! (Lots of Pictures)

So, several weeks mom, bought an antique music player that resided in Saginaw, Michigan! Since she just had surgery and shouldn't drive, Jonathan and I were nominated to go pick it up. Since we are the proud parents of a little four month old with grumpy mood syndrome, I knew it was not going to be the best trip! We asked Kamerin and Samuel to come along as well  and we would make a weekend of it! The GPS said it would take 12.5 hours each was was 15 hours each way...AND was snowing...AND we did really good at not making a lot of still ended up being 30 hours of driving and 48 hours of being in the car with a screaming baby! I did not take pictures of that lol, I did take pictures of him when he was behaving :) so he looks like such an angel.

We started off strong with a sound asleep infant!

We drove from 2:30p on Friday afternoon all the way until 10:45pm when we found a Best Western and called it quits for the night.

We were up bright and early Saturday morning and back on the road by 8am!

At 3:30pm we finally arrived at our destination and picked up the music box, we then headed on our way back home.

We stopped only once to visit the GIANT CABELA store for Samuel :) They had tons of fishing gear!

Super handsome Kamerin and Samuel...Sebastian loves his uncles!

We once again drove through the whole day until the snow was too thick for us to see clearly and we found a Holiday Inn Express at 10:30pm and rested for the night! The next morning we were on the road again by 8am.

Sebastian loves books...we read our fair share of them on the trip...

He also loved this ball...

We got home at 3:45pm was a veeeeerrrryyyy long trip but really fun to have a weekend out and about with the boys! I don't think we will be taking our little guy on another long road trip for awhile, way too stressful but THANK YOU KAMERIN AND SAMUEL FOR AN AWESOME WEEKEND!!!

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  1. Whoo you are much braver than me!! Our longest trip with a wee infant was 12 hours and I was running on that desperate, sick, crazy, no-sleep, gotta-get-home adrenaline. LOL Glad you all made it back in one piece!