Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hillbilly Bash

I decided to dress my child like a hillbilly on Friday. Since all of his outfits are either too small, too big or in the laundry pile...this was the only one left.

He does look like an ADORABLE little hillbilly! The hat completes the whole outfit! We actually had to use the hat because of the horrible hair day he was having.

I am not sure if hillbilly was better than Dr. Seuss or not?

With Uncle Kamerin
We also went out for Ice Cream with Mamie...

Sebastian looked even more spiffy in his button down shirt and jeans...

Today, was Sebastian's four month photo shoot....he did WONDERFUL and was in a great mood the whole time! We had lots of smiles and I am SUPER excited to see the pictures!

We had a very smiley evening last night, we took advantage and snapped some shots of our own.

Don't kiss me Dad!

ALSO, playroom update...I finished the alphabet wall and I LOVE IT!!! It was so much fun to make and looks little guy will know all of his letters before he can even talk!
They seem to like it to!

It has been a successful week...I also got the snack machine in so I'll update on that endeavor after we try it out!

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  1. Love that photo of him smiling so big!! Cute alphabet wall! :)