Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Entrepreneur Endeavor

So, the idea came up at my office of wouldn't it be nice to have a vending machine at work and maybe even a snack machine! This got the wheels in my head turning...Sam has been looking for something good to invest his money in and a way to have some responsibility. So, we made a deal and started a partnership. I was responsible for the machines and he was responsible for re-filling and maintaining them.

Our little venture got underway on Monday, when I found the vending machines on craigslist. We went to pick them up today, an hour drive, not too bad. Sam, Jonathan, Sebastian and I set out at 12:30 today...the gentleman selling them was very nice and we were on our way home in no time at all.

The machines were strapped onto the trailer!
The boys, ready to head back home!
I was the navigator and deal maker!
Little man snoozed for most of the trip!
Once we arrived at the office, the boys unloaded our new machine and Sam and I headed to out to get some products to put into the machines.

Sam stocked it all up!
We had quite the selection...I think it looked wonderful!
We are very proud of our little endeavor!!!
Any ideas on a name for our refreshment services???

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