Sunday, November 9, 2014

Time for a Check-Up

I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I decided to schedule Paisley's 18 month check-up at the same time as Milo's 2 month check-up....and go all by myself! 

They were each past due by a week or so because of colds, we were finally healthy enough to have a well visit, I am also a huge procrastinator when it comes to these visits. It never fails that we end up catching something while we are there. 

After Paisley's last visit, a sick one, where she had to get an antibiotic shot that the nurse described as the worst shot they give there, Paisley was tense the moment we entered the building! She wouldn't let me put her down...I was at least smart about bringing the stroller in this time. We were seen very quickly and got all their measurements! 

Paisley Sofia is now 23 lbs and 55% for weight and 30th percentile for height. She has met all the milestones for her age, including an impressive vocabulary. She can copy just about anything you say to her but has some cute key phrases. Her words include: momma, dadda, Milo, bubbles, juice, more, please, no, scary, kitty, dog, plane, book, ho ho ho, bye, trick or treat... And tons more!

Milo Theodore is 13 lbs and jumped, impressively, from the 3rd percentile to the 46th for weight. He is thriving beautifully for being a preemie and is actually the size he should be for his age. He was also in the 30th percentile for height. He is supporting his head pretty well at this point so has met all the milestone he needs to thus far. 

After the doctor came in and looked over Milo, the nurse held him while I tried to get Paisley calm enough to examine. I love our pediatrician, he is so easy going and patient...he lets Sebastian pretend to be a doctor every time we go. 

So, the really terrible part of the visit and a new negative on my list of mama to 3, 3 and under....SHOTS! They needed 6 vaccinations between all 3 of them. Milo needed two shots and an oral one, Paisley needed two shots and Sebastian needed his flu mist. 

I thought I was being nice by going with the mist for Sebastian but you would have thought it was just as painful as a shot. The nurse walked in with her tray full of vials and that was it, they lost it. We started with Sebastian and his mist cause I knew he would recover the fastest. He had a screaming fit and then simmered down to a wimper, temporarily. 

Milo was next, I had him nicely swaddled and calm so I figured if I re-swaddled afterwards he would calm quickly. He took the oral one like a champ and hardly cried during the shots...his brother however, was screaming at the nurse. "Don't hurt my brudder, no! You mean!" Of course, his screaming set off Paisley so all three were hysterical. 

I got Milo calmed down, then it was Paisley's turn. I knew she would be the worst, but it was done quick and I tried to soothe the lasting hysteria. Thank god we're done with shots for the older two for awhile. 

I used the beautiful changing trees in the parking lot to reset the mood and we gathered as many pretty leaves as we could find! 

I wanted to do a synopsis of all the cute personality quirks these two have acquired but it's so hard to properly describe them. Milo is a sweetheart, he gives me a glimpse of what Sebastian may have been like if he hadn't suffered extreme colic. He is just so easy to please, he just wants to be held and loved and talked to. He sleeps really well compared to my previous two, he eats around 10:30 or 11:00pm and will sleep until about 3:00am, eat and then sleep through til 6:30-7:00am. This may not seem great to some but for me it's heaven! Sebastian and Paisley were up every two hours like clockwork until 9 months old. Milo is 12 weeks old so he's allowed to be needy. He's smiling up a storm, has an awesome coo, and adores his siblings. He lights up when momma talks to him, I love that he knows exactly who I am.

Paisley...where do I start? She is as unique as her name. My life would be so incomplete without a little girl to spoil. She is so beautiful and so sweet and so spunky! She copies everything Sebastian does and is talking like a pro. She will be your best friend for berries and has recently grown a love for chocolate milk. Do not deny her a drinkable yogurt as it will immediately put you in the enemy category. If your on her good list, you just can't get enough kisses and hugs. She is obsessed with clothes, especially jackets and shoes. She likes books, mostly for their pictures. We enjoying pointing out every item, creature or person she knows on each page. She has a great appetite and likes to help mommy in the kitchen and when I'm putting on my makeup. She is just the most pleasant little thing you ever did meet! Her hair is perfectly soft and wavy and beautifully colored, I can't get enough of it or her!
Well that was my hellish day at the doctors last week, we treated ourselves to shakes after our traumatic morning!

What a day!!!

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