Friday, November 14, 2014

Testing my Talents

I have completed another Pinterest project and am really shocked at how great it turned out!

The original inspiration:

I did not care much for so many colors but I loved the meaning and it is so true for our household! I made mine much smaller so it could be hung on the wall. 

I started with pre-cut wood from Lowes and painted it with acrylic paint. I added some water to the paint to make it thinner, I wanted some of the wood grain to show through. 

Next, I worked my magic on my computer to find different fonts I liked for each different word. Then you print them the size you want.

Cut and arrange them.

Next, you rub the back of each word with a pencil.

Then, tape the paper right side up on the board and trace the lettering to leave a lead outline on the wood.

Next, follow your outline with Sharpie Paint Pens. I had to buy mine online but I've seen them at Michaels. 

I used the medium sized pen to fill in and Voilá board down, nine more to go!

I was able to do most of this while nursing an infant so not too difficult. I didn't like how long my boards were so I measured to cut each one in half. 

I looked to my talented father to help with the cutting since I don't own a saw.

I sanded the ends of each one to give it the rough look.

I put a hanging hook on the back of the top board.

We fastened the boards together with these narley looking thingymagigs...

But...we started to notice the boards were curving too much since only the backs were fastened so, we had to implement another support. 

The boards helped to keep it straight. It looked terrible from the back but the front looks great!

I plan on hanging a few pictures of my kiddos around it...I'm sure I can catch them doing something happy, crazy, fun, loud, messy, caring or loving.

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