Monday, November 17, 2014

This House Believes

I have started on my 2nd Christmas project of the season. I was inspired, once again, by Pinterest. Oh it shall be the death of my bank account. 

The inspiration:

I started with a 6' pine board from Lowes and painted it roughly with brown paint.

I was mostly focused on the edges with the brown then went over it all with white. Next, I printed off letters in the style I liked. Then, I rubbed the back of each letter with a pencil before taping it to the board with painters tape.

Then you trace each letter, leaving a lead outline of each letter on the board.

Finally, I used the lead outline as a guide for my Sharpie Paint Pens. Since these letters are so thick, I was able to use the pens for the outline and paint the inside of each letter with black paint.

And voilá...a beautiful Christmas decoration that will only get better with age! It will make its way outside soon but for now we are enjoying it indoors.

It looks great anywhere!

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