Monday, November 10, 2014

Parent and Me Project

I found this project on Pinterest before Sebastian was born and have now done it with each of my makes for a very cute decoration in their rooms. I won't say it's easy to do but it's easy enough that I've done it three times now. The hardest part is getting the babies handprints on the canvas...they usually don't cooperate. 

I love how this project doesn't have to be fact it looks great with imperfections. I love doing arts and crafts but have to admit, I am not very talented so I have to find projects that are more rustic and simple. 

Here is the inspiration piece from Pinterest: 

Mine don't look as great...I have no idea how they got such a great handprint from the baby!

Here is Daddy and Sebastian's, done when Sebastian was 11 weeks old:

Here is Mommy and Paisley's done when she was 11 weeks old:

And finally, here is Daddy and Milo's done at 11 weeks old:

I love them! The only supplies needed is a canvas, big enough for the parents handprint, and paint and paintbrush. I used acrylic paints. I also sprayed them lightly with a clear topcoat to help make it save better over the years. If the baby's handprint screws up the first time, just paint the adults palm again and re-try, it's not supposed to be perfect...every fingerprint is different! 

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