Thursday, November 6, 2014

Holiday Tradition #1...Ready!

Well, I know it is early but I have finished preparing the first of our holiday traditions. If I don't start early, I will be overwhelmed and either forego the traditions or be stressed out the whole month of December! 

Now, I highly recommend starting this tradition, or one like it, with your little ones...they love it! Last year, I got 24 new books and wrapped them up, one for each day of December up through Christmas Eve. It was a huge hit BUT my kids don't really care for books so I decided to tweak the tradition a bit this year. I read a post on Pinterest where they do an activity or Christmas related item or book is unwrapped. So, I am going to combine the two traditions. 

I had to get creative with the items...this tradition can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want. Most of the items I got were scavenged from the dollar section at Target but I did get a few special things. I've been wanting to get the Little People Christmas Village and Train but seems silly to give it to them for Christmas, the season is over then, so this was my perfect opportunity.

I am going to be super sweet and post my complete list so you guys can steal my ideas for your own little ones! 

Christmas Countdown:

1. The Snowman (DVD)
2. Slippers
3. Hallmark North Pole Talker
4. Little People Village
5. The Snowman and Snowdog (DVD)
6. Bath Soap
7. Tic Tacs
8. Gingerbread Sleigh Kit
9. Dragons Holiday (DVD)
10. Little People Holiday Train
11. Dry Erase Coloring Book (Sebastian) & Hallmark Puppy Miniture Doll (Paisley)
12. Hallmark Dance Like an Elf Player
13. Reese's Filled Candy Canes
14. Coloring Books w/Crayons
15. Bath Crayons
16. Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies
17. Merry Christmas Ollie Book
18. Velvety Coloring Pages
19. Glow in the Dark Sticks
20. The Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas Book
21. Christmas Stickers
22. Sesame Street Board Books
23. Hot Chocolate w/Marshmellows
24. Make Reindeer Food

I tried to wrap everything as separately as possible cause let's face love opening presents! Even the Tic Tacs are wrapped in holiday paper :) I numbered each gift depending on the day it should be opened. Of course it looks like a full Christmas morning lot but that's what's so fun about it, it's our tradition and so much fun to have something to open and do each day. 

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