Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Perfect Baptism

I am so grateful to have such amazing family and friends surrounding my children. I was very excited to get Milo baptized. He was a little bit older than Sebastian and Paisley were because we wanted to make it a family affair and have Jessa, Emma and Lilly baptized at the same time. 

5pm on a Friday afternoon made for the perfect ceremony. 

We got all dressed up...tie and all :)

We changed the babies into their gowns once we got to the church.

The gown Milo was wearing was worn by both his uncles and his big brother, it's a family heirloom and I love it! 

Uncle Kamerin and Uncle Sam are Milo's Godfathers and Aunt Kelly is his Godmother. He enjoyed being held by everyone, he was in such a great mood!

Little Jessa was a bit more aggravated but she looked gorgeous in her gown.

These three girls just melt my heart, they are such a cute trio!

Sebastian was checking out Jessa.

Here are all four of the guests of honor.

Miss Emma is such an incredible cousin, she spoils her cousins so much!

We had a nice private ceremony with just family and it lasted about 30 minutes.

Emma Claire was brave enough to go first.

Uncle Mike helped keep Sebastian entertained.

Lillian McKenna was next.

Milo Theodore was the first of the babies to be baptized.

He was happy through the whole thing then popped out that bottom lip after we were done.

Jessa Brielle finally got her turn.

Pops hung out with Paisley for most of the ceremony.

The best family shot we could get.

Milo and his Godparents.

Milo and Pops.

Mamie and Pops holding their newest grand babies! 

Back to our civilian clothing.

Thank you so much to everyone who came, we feel so special and blessed!

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