Monday, July 22, 2013

The Kids

An update on the babies...I haven't done one of these in a little while. It has been a busy summer, I feel like we have barely had a moment of free time let alone a weekend without plans. It is not ending anytime soon either...we go for a week at the beach in just two weekends! So, let's see...Paisley is now 3 months and 2 weeks old and growing way to fast for mommy's liking! She is a pro at holding her head up, both while being held and when enjoying some tummy time. She is the opposite of Sebastian when it comes to most things infant. She enjoys tummy time, is most fond of the swing when not being held, takes a little while to lock onto you once she does, she loves to look at you and talk for hours. She smiles ALL the time, especially when Mama talks to her. She is NOT fond of the outdoors (takes after mom with that one) and absolutely hates cold water, eliminating playing in the pool! She has moved up to size 2 diapers :)

She hasn't done too much laughing yet but I can get her to coo if I talk to her a bit. She is going through a phase right now where she ONLY wants mommy to hold her, she is even refusing Daddy and Mamie. She enjoys watching TV and adores her brother...I mean like they are pretty much inseparable! The few times that I leave Sebastian home with his pal. Samantha, I expect him to be excited to see me but NO, he wants to see Paisley and love on her!

Sebastian...what can I tell you about this character? He is just such an amazing little boy and so in tune with what's going on around him. He is too smart for his own good which often times makes people hold him to a higher standard, forgetting the fact that he is only ONE! People always try to guess his age when we are in public and I am more and more amazed at their guesses each time...2,3 and even 4 the other day. I have to bring them all back to reality when I say "no, he is only 1 1/2."

He continues to be one of the pickiest eaters in the world. I finally got him to eat spaghetti the other night but only if it was covered in Parmesan cheese. Foods he won't even put in his mouth to try: chicken (cooked in any way), beef, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti o's, veggies, tortillas.....and dozens more. All the things kids usually love, he won't even try and he is really not old enough to do the whole you eat it or go hungry bit. If he misses a meal or has dinner too late, he becomes a devil child so we always make sure he eats something by 6pm. He will eat apples, grapes, watermelon, strawberries, chicken nuggets (sometimes), french fries (sometimes), PBJ (sometimes) and Poptarts, healthy diet huh?!

He adores his new puppy, Winnie! Mommy is not liking the whole potty training the puppy but it makes it worth it when I see them playing together in the backyard. Sebastian won't go outside without her! He can say her name but it comes out more like "innnnneee." She nibbles at his feet so they play hide and seek a lot. She is a good puppy, they are really cute together! Sebastian's vocabulary has increased over the last few weeks, he is now using "Mawm" all the time! "Dada", "Ya"(yes), "No"(nose), "Mo"(more), "bebe"(Paisley or Baby), "ho, ho"(hello) and a whole slew of ones that I haven't quite figured out. I think most of it is just baby babble. He is hilarious with a play phone...he will have a whole baby conversation with himself!

We are all enjoying more time at home. After I had Paisley, we decided that it would be better for me to work part time and stay home more with the babies. Sebastian never went to daycare, he came to work with me every singe day, which became increasingly harder the older he got. I can't imagine having two babies with me at work. So, we are adjusting quite nicely to life at home...lots of playtime!

AND lots of smiley time with this angel...she is so photogenic, I don't know where she got that cause I hate my picture taken!

Drooling more then any 3 month old should be!!! The teeth are on the move, not going to break through yet but definitely on the move!

Sebastian is incredible with babies, especially his sister but I don't worry about him with any babies. He is so gentle and kind to them. His cousin, Wesley, came to see us in July and he was just so kind to little Wesley. He will touch their cheeks and kiss all over their faces. He shares his toys and always runs to their side if they are crying. He is an incredible older brother, Paisley just loves him!

The playset has become one of our favorite hangout spots! It has been raining like crazy here but when it is nice out, we always go hang out in our fort in the playset. We went on Amazon to find a few knick knacks to put in our fort and I was amazed at how inexpensive they were so we got a pirate wheel, binoculars, play phone and bell. They make it even more fun to play in...Sebastian had a lot of fun helping mommy and daddy put them all up.

The slide is always great fun too. We found a frog in it the other day...Sebastian has a huge fear of them, lol, just like his Daddy! So, we made Daddy get it out :)

So, those have been our adventures as of late! We watch more animated movies then we probably should but we love our chilled back mornings and adventurous afternoons!

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