Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stay at Home Lunches

We are in love with our stay-at-home lunches...having taken Sebastian to work everyday with me, we rarely got to make a decent lunch and enjoy it at home. We are loving this new tradition and all the fun we get to have along the way.

Yesterday, we made Easy Tortilla Pizzas for lunch, which just FYI are only 4 PointsPlus each, so a great, healthy lunch for all.

It was a very cute process, we started early at only 11:50am but Sebastian was obviously hungry because he eagerly (and I mean pacing the whole time) waited at the oven for them to finish.

Such a great little helper!

Taste testing!

It's delicious!

We had some Love-On-Your-Sister time after lunch! He just can't be sweet enough to her!

High-Five little sister!

Is that a face or what!?! I hope we have many more afternoons like this one!

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