Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

Paisley had a GREAT first 4th of July! She looked positively A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E and was is great spirits for most of the day, although she was none to keen on the fireworks!

On our way over to Mamie and Pops' house, looking very festive as well!

Paisley took a small swim in the pool but did not enjoy it too much.

So, she sat with Uncle Sam instead...poor Uncle Sam wasn't allowed in the pool cause of his knee.

She had some great Mommy time!

Sebastian was great at jumping in the pool to Mamie.

Such a big boy 20 Months Old.

After his nap, he took another dip in the pool.

My handsome man!!!

Baby girl and I just hung out and watched the boys play...she was much to pretty to get all wet!

No way MOM...Sparklers in the sky!

How could I not keep taking pictures of that adorable face?

Sebastian had to try on Emma's goggles.

And flippers.

Ready for fireworks!!! Wesley and his Mama just chillin.

Paisley was VERY unsure of these absurdly loud sparklers.

He is in big kid heaven.

Our BFF Samantha.

Poor Uncle Sam!


Very unsure!

They love it!

Ones without flames.

Aunt Katy

Mommy, I am really ready to go inside now!

Aunt Kelly, this can't be right...explosives!!!
We had a great Independence Day just hanging out with friends and family!!! I hope you did too!

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