Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lilly's Birthday Party at the Great Wolf Lodge!

We had the privilege of being invited to Lillian's 6th birthday party this past weekend! She is 6! Wow, I can't believe it. Her party was at the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC and we had a blast...I think Sebastian might have said a record number of "Whoa"s!

All bright eyed and happy first thing in the morning!
Unfortunately, our day started off at 3:00am with Jonathan throwing up the rest of the morning. Despite his pleas, he was told to stay home which meant I was on my sucked! Thankfully, I had help once we got to the lodge...LOVE having family so close! 

In her suit....not sure why since she never went in the water but she looked adorable anyway.

Quick snack in the car.

And the fun begins...

Baby girl was hanging out.

The fun started in the arcade...

and got even better from there...Aunt Katy spoiled Sebastian with a candy bracelet.

Birthday girl and Emma.

Ready for some pizza...

back to the bracelet while we wait.

Paisley didn't have pizza but was happy nonetheless.

Taking a break with Mamie.

"The presents are for anyone, right mom?"

Paisley took her long afternoon nap on Pops.

His arm was a tad tired by the end of the nap.

Taking a drink break from the water park.

Home resting after an exciting day!
We had a fabulous time celebrating Lilly's special day, so happy we could be apart of it! The Great Wolf Lodge was awesome...tons to do and plenty of activities for every age! Happy Birthday, Lilly!!! I wish I had more pictures of the birthday girl but she was go, go, go!

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