Sunday, July 7, 2013

Paisley's Baptism Ceremony

Paisley was welcomed into the church this past Saturday! She looked beautiful in her little pink dress. We were planning on baptizing her in the same gown as Sebastian was but we forgot it at Mamie's house so she got to be in pink for her big day! 

Sebastian found it wonderful to have the whole church to ourselves and took full advantage of exploring every inch of it. He was also a tad disappointed that he didn't get to have water poured on his head but he found it all fascinating. 

Uncle Sam still on crutches.

Aunt Kristyn made it to the special ceremony.

Samantha and Uncle Kamerin, also Paisley's Godfather!

Aunt Kelly, Paisley's Godmother and Uncle Mike.


Getting in trouble.

Impossible to get both of them looking at the same time in the same direction.

Aunt Kelly is a miracle worker.

Very curious...what's this stuff for.

So handsome in his tie.

Giving hugs and kisses.

Pops and Paisley.

Aunt Pilar.

Daddy looking all suave.

Aunt Katelynn entertained Sebastian.

My beautiful baby girl.

Mamie and Paisley.

Wesley and Aunt Kelly.

Time to get started...Fr. Paul, he married Jonathan and I and also baptized Sebastian.

Baptized at exactly 11:18am.

"My turn, Mom!"

Holding my big boy!

Paisley and Sebastian's godmother, Aunt Kelly, Sebastian, Mama, Fr. Paul, Paisley, Daddy and Paisley and Sebastian's godfather, Uncle Kamerin.

All done and officially baptized in the Catholic Church.

Uncle Kamerin looked so suave.

Uncle Sam, Samantha, Sebastian, Uncle Kamerin, Uncle Mike, Jonathan, Paisley, Kieran, Aunt Kelly, Fr. Paul, Pops, Mamie, Aunt Pilar, Wesley & Aunt Kristyn.

SO grateful everyone could be there!

Exhausted after her big day!

Sebastian was all for helping mama open Paisley's gifts.

It was a good letter :)

Enjoying all of Sebastian's toys.

We had a great ceremony and are so grateful to everyone who was able to come! Also a special thanks to Fr. Paul for doing a private ceremony for us at St. Luke Catholic Church!

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