Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sebastian's 1st time at Riverbanks Zoo

We decided to spend this FABULOUS weekend...with our weather at a beautiful 68 degrees...taking Sebastian to the zoo for the first time. I knew he wouldn't be able to really enjoy it or understand what was going on but I figured we would start his love of animals and the great outdoors, young.
So, we packed up the car with the stroller, plenty of diapers, wipes, a few spare outfits, and a hat for the baby, seeing as it was going to be sunny all day.

The 2 hour drive seemed well worth the much needed outdoor time...we stopped for some lunch along the way and arrived at the park, ready to go, at 1pm. Much to our surprise, we were not the only ones who had thought up this brilliant plan for their Saturday...the line was wound around the park. We sighed an aggrivated sigh and then stood in line for about twenty minutes to get tickets. we ended up buying season tickets (they were the equivilent of two visits, which I knew we would be going back at least once this year) and finally made it into the park.

We went to see the lions first, they are my favorites!!! Conveinently, they were having a lazy day and just laid there! But they were cool to see anyway...

Sebastian seemed to be enjoying the fresh air. He also liked looking at the parrots...we tried feedimg them but they weren't very hungry.

We went on to see the monkeys, bears, tigers, tons of birds, reptiles, fish, giraffes, zebras, alligators, and kangaroos.

We enjoyed a frozen slushy as we walked around.. We also got to see the Elephants as close as a TV to the couch, they were very social while we were there. I entertained Sebastian by tossing him up and down...he loves it!

There was also an awesome river with huge boulders in it right next to the zoo, so we took a little walk down to the water for a bit.

So, that was our we hung out at the house, did some gardening and watched the 2nd Lord of the Rings movie in a effort to see the whole series in one weekend!

Sebastian and I had to find other ways to entertain ourselves during the film.

I also had to take a snack break...Sebastian needed a break from breastmilk and I wanted to see his face when he tried carrots!

Love those bright blue eyes!!! Our photographer just finshed with his four month photos tonight. So, I'll be posting those soon... they are so adorable!!!

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