Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If I was a Stay-at-Home-Mom...

Everyone likes to dream a little...SO...if I was a stay at home mom, my house would be much cleaner than it is now! My garden would be immaculate...I mean not a weed in sight or dirt showing through the mulch! I would probably spend most of my time gardening, I would certainly do more vegetable growing. I do pretty good with keeping the flowers up despite working, but it would be lovely to spend more time outdoors and less time at my desk.

If you think I am crazy about projects around the house now, just imagine if I stayed home all day long staring at my blank walls and unfinshed projects! I would go nuts!!! We would have a new decoration every day!

We would never have dust bunnies hang around, I can't stand not having enough time when I get home to do the necessary cleaning...I hate when cleaning takes over my weekend!

I WOULD COOK A HOME COOKED MEAL EVERY SINGLE NIGHT (EXPECT SATURDAY NIGHT, DATE NIGHT)! I hate eating processed foods and take out crud! I would love to try all those pinterest recipes I have been dying to test! Fresh, Fresh, Fresh food would be my motto.

I am getting better at making things at home, we have been baking a lot of chicken.

If I was a stay at home mom, I would spoil my little boy rotten! We would go to the park several times a week, visit the library, join a play group, do mama and baby yoga together, visit the pool or play in the sprinklers daily and make a homemade project with a different material every afternoon.

With a face like that, how could I not spoil him?!?

Well, if I were staying home all day, I would obviously get bored from time to time so I would have to take up a hobby...I think Sebastian and I would be a great crazy modeling mom and son duo! OMG...he would sell everything he modeled!

That tie is clearing off the shelves as we speak.

Just look at those expressions!!! He is just like his Daddy!

So, IF I were a stay at home mom...I would be just as busy as I am now....BUT...

I already have my perfect life!!! I am a boss, a wife and a Mom, what more could I possibly want!!!

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