Friday, March 23, 2012

Huge Milestone

Sebastian can sit up!!! A huge milestone crossed off the list! We are still working on the rolling over trick but he can now sit up, with only a watchful eye to catch him every now and then.

He is a tad bit wobbly but he just overnight was suddenly able to sit up.

He also has not lost his love of mirrors...

We tried out Sebastian's shopping cart cover...he is not quite big enough yet but he enjoyed it anyway.

He is growing so fast that it is hard to keep up. At work, I have had to get pretty creative to keep him occupied. He is a HUGE fan of Nick Jr. so I went out to get some DVD's.

Sebastian will be in kindergarden before I know it! Some pictures of the little guy and I at work:


Little Wesley is quite the fighter, he is a tough little guy. He is still in serious condition in the level 3 NICU on all life support. Kristyn says his little personality is starting to show through, he is not fond of having his diaper changed and he peed on his Daddy! He had to undergo surgery to have a drainage tube to bypass his bowels and he needs heart surgery once his little body is strong enough. His brain bleed has not gotten any worse since the last scan. It is just a waiting game now, Kristyn and Patrick take it day by day. he had a difficult night last night as his Blood Pressure kept dropping. Please keep up the prayers, they are working. His big brother, sweet little Jackson, is in heaven watching over him!

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