Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nursery Preparations and Painting!

We have begun what seem like the huge task of preparing the nursery for our little guy. I want to get most of it done early while I still feel like I can move, plus my mom is painting Winnie the Pooh characters on the walls so she will need quite a bit of time to complete that :) Yesterday we went to Lowes and purchased our base color wall paint...Lily Pond:

Last week, Jonathan and his buddy picked up the Crib and Armoire from the store...they are now being stored in our game room, which is very inconvenient :(

The baby's room completely empty and ready for painting...Jonathan is prepped and ready to go!

The beautiful ceiling fan we installed last night, it looks so much better than the ugly standard light fixture that we replaced.

The painting begins...unfortunately, I could not help due to fumes...but I was close by for moral support the entire night (and to take pictures of the progress).

I went downstairs to make dinner and came back up to see the progress.

The very upset members of the family who were banned from the room.

They were just a little peeved.

More progress.

Jonathan finished the first coat more to go then on to the character painting. We already found the bedroom set for our little man and have assembled some of the furniture we borrowed from my mom :)

The hamper.

The little Pooh Chair...I love it!

The changing table...with a giant elephant resting on top :) I love the Pooh mobile as well!

SOMEONE found the cradle...she is not allowed to sleep in it but I think she was hoping she would blend in with the bedding.

That's all I have for now...I will post more when we finish some more :)

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  1. Exciting stuff!!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished product!! :)