Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lake James Vacation

Last week, the WHOLE family enjoyed a much needed break and headed to Lake James with the boat. We stayed at a beautiful home right on the water and enjoyed taking leisurely cruises on the water, wakeboarding, skiing, sunbathing, and swimming. It was very relaxing and a wonderful break from the hectic everyday lives we all live.

Here are SOME pictures from the trip:

Most of the girls: Mom, Kristyn, Kieran, Kelly, Emma and Lilly

Kamerin and Kieran

Me and Jonathan

Me and Kelly

The beautiful view

Uncle Patrick and Lilly

Handsome Kamerin

Lilly and Uncle Samuel caught a fish

Jonathan and Kamerin being goofy

Aunt Kieran and Lilly

Sam rocking the wakeboard

Daddio, Jonathan and I

Lilly, Aunt Kelly and Emma coloring

Emma, Aunt Kelly and Lilly on the boat

Lilly passed out on Uncle Jonathan

Riding on the jetskis

Lilly giving Uncle Jonathan a birthday kiss

Pops and Lilly

Daddio and Pierce being really dorky


The beautiful sunset.

What a great trip!

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  1. Your dad is Pops too huh? It's a special name. :)

    And, um.... You don't look pregnant. I'm REALLY jealous right now. Please fill me in on your secrets. :)