Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More on the Nursery!!!

So, it is not complete yet but its slowly getting there...it is so much fun to pick things out and find things and then finally get to see it all come together! Our upstairs has been a storage facility for the last few weeks and it was driving me crazy...my husband and I are those type of people that can't stand anything out of its place so to have our entire upstairs a complete mess for that long nearly led to both of us having heart attacks. It felt so good to use the vacuum cleaner see the floor spotless!

So here is some of our cleaning/assembling/organizing process:

The curtains...I am in the process of making new sheers for underneath them...I think they need to be blue, our little man needs some blue in his room :)

Jonathan assembling the crib, we had to run out to Lowes and get a new wing nut...the one that came with the crib was stripped...don't we love when that happens!

The onlookers were allowed in the room this time...I bribed them with bones though to keep them quiet and out of the way.

Working on all those nuts and bolts!

My very handsome husband hard at work!

Using all those fabulous God given muscles!

My adorable little puppy! Waiting patiently for Mama to pay attention to him and stop taking pictures!

Finally gave up and curled up next to me instead! Such a precious little guy!

Trying to be helpful but just busy taking pictures instead...actually, I helped a lot with the assembly, you need someone good reading all the directions!

Look how handsome that guy is...so happy I stole him all for myself...he is sitting on the little window bench we put together! Adorable and fits perfectly under the window!

The finished crib, I think it turned out really great...just need a mattress now!

The bench with some books and Clifford hanging out in it!

The crib with the mobile and Mr. Winnie the Pooh!!!

The armoire, hamper, and changing table! I love my rug...I had to order it special but I think it looks great, it adds some white to the very colorful room...AND its UBER SOFT!

The semi finished product...we still have some painting to go and a few more finishing touches, like a mattress, but it is starting to come together...I love it!

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  1. Gorgeous!!!! It looks so great! I love your baby furniture.

    Quick question: where did y'all get that window bench? That thing is AWESOME.