Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Furniture

Last week, I got the wonderful call from BuyBuyBaby that our crib and dresser had arrived! So, exciting...Jonathan and I went back and forth about whether or not to invest in a crib. My mom had Samuel's crib stored away in the attic that she said we could borrow but part of me really wanted one to call my own. I wanted to be able to use it over and over again or if we didn't want to, I wanted to be able to turn it into a guest bed or toddler bed. So after much debate with ourselves, we decided to buy one of our own to use over and over again. We did, however, borrow mom's beautiful changing table and rocking chair. Our nursery is coming together...our next task is PAINTING. Which, sadly, I cannot help with :( I must trust my wonderful husband to do it perfectly. I can't do the base coat or the high gloss final coat but I can help with all the character painting that my mom will be doing on the walls. We do that with acrylic paints and they don't have fumes so yay!

Our little guy is going to be a Disney fanatic just like his mama, especially if his room is Winnie the Pooh perfect!

This is the crib we got! We didn't get the whole set cause our bedroom is definitely not big enough for that and I just don't think we need that much furniture but we did get the crib and the armoire (the beautiful piece on the left in the picture).

Our house is decked out in cherry furniture though, so we ordered it in the cherry finish:

I am excited to post lots of pictures of the progress of the nursery! We already have the comforter and bedroom set, I guess so I will start working on those pictures.

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  1. Fun!!!! Can't wait to see pictures as it comes along!! Love the furniture! It's gorgeous!!