Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boy of Girl?!?

Jonathan and I were both very excited about going to our ultrasound on June 2nd! It was a morning of great anticipation. The last time we saw the little one on a monitor it looked more like a blob than an actual baby. After reading numerous articles, I knew that this ultrasound would actually show a with fingers and toes and arms and legs and even a nose :)

Our litte one while sucking it's thumb, hard to see but it's there!

We had a very friendly technician and she walked us through the whole process explaining in detail every detail of our little babies body. As we were trying to rule out defects predominate in my family history, we were happy to keep hearing her say, "looks great!" Our little one has working kidneys, a stomach, a bladder (full of pee even), a brain that is forming correctly, arms that were wildly moving all over the place during its 10 minutes of fame and a mouth that would not stop sucking. The technician said the little one must have found some chewing gum cause it was sucking and sucking away on its thumb and whatever else it could find...ADORABLE, that definitely makes a mama wana cry.

It's right arm!

After she surveyed the vital organs and made sure the blood flow was normal and everything was growing at a normal rate, we moved on to the extremities. The little one has all five fingers on each hand and all three bones in each pinkie as well as perfectly normal feet. My mom thinks they look rather large but everything is magnified so I don't think its true :)
All four chambers of the heart are working correctly, which is a big one...that's the main reason we were checking. 

It's right foot!

Finally, we reached the point of looking between the poor thing's legs. It was a hilarious moment actually cause there was a hand in our way for most of the hunt, obviously we have a modest baby. But....low and behold....we eventually got the small peek we wanted so bad...enough of a view to determine whether we are having a little boy or a little girl!

It's little leg!

Let me just say this...there is no doubt about it................IT'S DEFINITELY A BOY!!!

Our little man! Jonathan couldn't contain his excitement!

Jonathan was so excited that he even teared up a little bit. The smile on his face stayed there for hours and I could see the pure joy illuminating his entire demeanor. That alone made my entire day but I too was very excited to learn that I have a son. Sure, I had hoped to have a girl because the fear of never having a little girl scares me a lot, BUT I have always wanted a little mama's boy. So we now know that lots of blue is in our future and the hunt for the perfect name for our perfect little guy begins. 

We are even more excited now than ever to meet him. It is feeling more and more real with every new discovery and every little kick. Pretty soon I will be a Mom and I will get to see my wonderful husband be the loving Dad he is already proving to be. 

Until next time, Toodles!!!  

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    Little boys are so funny and quirky and you are going to have a blast. :) So happy for y'all!!