Friday, May 27, 2011

Four Month Checkup

My fabulous sister, Kelly got to go with me to my four month checkup yesterday, which was very exciting. I was so hoping that my doctor would do another ultrasound because she has done one every time I have gone. BUT, she didn't, we did get to hear the heartbeat...which is 157 beats per minute. The doctor originally thought it was a boy because of the way it was positioned in our first ultrasound, however, she changed her prediction yesterday and now thinks its a girl because it has a very fast heart it is safe to say that she is covering her bases. I was sad for Kelly cause she didn't get to see the baby but we are going to our major ultrasound with the geneticist next week so she can come to that one and finally get to see the baby! We will also be able to find out what we are having...which we are very excited about. I originally didn't want to know what we were having but I am warming up to the idea and now and very excited to know. Its a surprise whether we find out next week or at the delivery so lets leaving meeting our baby for the delivery day :)

On a negative side to our appointment yesterday, my infection still has not gone away, despite taking numerous had to get a shot of Rocephine to boost my bacteria fighting system. I am usually pretty good with shots and since becoming pregnant and having my blood draw more than 6 times in four months, I have gotten much better with the idea of being poked BUT that shot was so painful. The prick was fine but the medicine was awful! Stinging and burning and aching lasted hours! I hope that's the last one of those that I will need for awhile. I also had my blood drawn yesterday for the genetics was a busy day!

I am very excited about the next visit...its always so amazing to see your little creation on the screen :)

Until next time...have an awesome day!

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