Friday, January 24, 2014

Crafts and Field Trips

We have had a fun and busy week of activities. Daddy had Monday off for MLK day so we decided to go on one of the field trips I couldn't do by myself...Discovery Place! We also borrowed my two nieces cause everything is more fun with friends. I am so glad Jonathan could go with us cause Paisley was having a very needy/grumpy day and Sebastian was bouncing from one activity to the next! It was also very busy...I guess Discovery Place is a great MLK day activity.

It was also one of the nicest weather days we have had in a while at a blistering 50 degrees lol...but we soaked up some rays!

I'm going to go backwards for a minute but we had a delicious chili dinner with all the family on Sunday night to show off our new patio and make s'mores!

He seems to love it!

Wednesday marked one of my worst days of grumpy baby...ever! I have no idea what was bothering her but Paisley was just miserable! Maybe her teeth but the already broke through so idk...lots of Tylenol, crying, holding and naps!!!

The rest of the week has been in the 20-30s outside so we have had to find stuff indoors to do. We went to Gymboree on Thursday.

And finished up the week with pudding painting today. 

We are very excited that Emma and Lilly are going to have a sleepover tonight...should make for a fun and busy evening. 

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