Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Blame Instagram

I am going to blame the ease and speed of Instagram for the lack of blogging...It takes me upwards of an hour (at least) to upload pictures to Blogger because all of my pictures are on my Iphone :( So I have not had the time nor drive to spend such precious time uploading.

If you missed my INCREDIBLE (lol) blog posts, I will be continuing them but for instant gratification and daily pictures of my adorable kiddos...follow my Instagram, paisandbash.

Well, life has continued to stay busy here in good ol' North Carolina. The weather alone has kept us all on our toes as it has been highs of 77 degrees and 30 degrees in the same week. I am ready for SPRING WEATHER! The kiddos are definitely ready and sick and tired of being cooped up inside! This is my first winter being a stay at home mama and having to spend every rainy or cold day indoors! It hasn't been easy. We have gotten pretty creative but still we are a family that NEEDS sunshine and warm afternoons.

We are coming up on the eve of Paisley's 1st Birthday and I am just baffled at how quickly the time has flown by. I am eagerly planning her birthday party because I am crazy and I just don't know if I can let them have a birthday without a grand celebration. My babies are my blessings and they deserve to be celebrated EVERY year! I did try to go a little easier on myself this year by choosing a theme of Easter for her party. It has made finding decorations and food ideas very simple. I cannot wait to post pictures from the big day.

Update on the kiddos:

Paisley is almost 365 days old! She is becoming a delightful little girl. She LOVES blueberries and yogurt. I think she would rather blueberries then M&Ms or any other type of candy. She is eating three meals a day of real food, no more baby food...that stuff is expensive and disgusting anyway. She will pretty much try anything at this point. We have held off on all meats, per the pediatricians advice, and will start introducing some after she turns a year old.

She loves to scrunch up her nose when you talk to her or if she thinks something is great...her smile has become a nose scrunch! She chases the cat everywhere...loves the dog too but not like that cat.

She could care less about TV, she is not a visual learner. She yearns to be held all the time. She does not walk yet. She will walk around furniture and push objects everywhere but no solo steps yet, this doesn't really make me sad as I am not sure I am ready for all the head bruises. She has 4 teeth and enough hair to put a bow in! She is pretty quiet, she babbles but no words. Her brother is the ONLY one who can make her laugh, like a real rolling laugh. She thinks he is hilarious...they are meant to be best friends forever and I am so grateful they have each other.

Sebastian is 29 months going on 30 years! He thinks he knows everything and has to help with everything! Every time he sees me in the kitchen or pulling out a tool or trying to clean something he bolts over babbling, "I help?" His vocabulary has increased astronomically! He is saying full sentences and I love it. Some of his most popular: "Mama wook!" "I eat." "Where Winnie?" "Wha you doin'?" "Where Daddy?"

He loves the outdoors, movies and his sister. We are always trying to do anything outdoors to give him his daily fresh air fix. He knows how to Facetime his Daddy on Mommy's phone. He looks positively adorable in every outfit and adores baths. He hates having his hair washed, brushed and cut. His current fab is Choo Choos and dinosaurs. He loves apples...I am asked several times a day if he can have an apple. He is working on sharing and be friendly with other children his age, he is not mean, just not sure how to act around other toddlers.
He absolutely adores his cousins, Emma and Lilly. They dote on him and so of course he just LOVES it. Every time we see a blonde 6-8 year old, I am asked..."Where Emma?" "At house?"

So, to sum it all up, this household is busier than ever and we love it. There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for the life I have been blessed with. My family is my life...forever and always. Another update coming soon, I promise.

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