Thursday, January 9, 2014

Paisley's First Christmas

I posted a lot this holiday season but need to recap our actual holiday celebration. It was Paisley's first Christmas and Sebastian's third. It was memorable, as usual and we all enjoyed it. Sebastian was thrilled because his two cousins were there and he got to spend the whole day and night with them.

Our Christmas festivities started with us hosting a dinner party on the Eve of Christmas Eve...

Bruschetta was delicious! Recipe in my recipes tab.

Deviled eggs and bread with herbs.

Chili, cream cheese dip...recipe also on the recipes tab. 

We also had fresh veggies and potatoes and ham for dinner. We finished it all up with a banana split bar as we played Logo Party.

On Christmas Eve we made gingerbread houses with pops...

She was dressed all pretty but wouldn't you expect, she blew out only two hours after putting it on her!

Sebastian was taking a much needed nap during the house making.

We went to Christmas Eve mass...

My handsome little guy!

Mrs. Claus :)

Playing patty cakes together.

They both did very well for having to sit for about 3 hours and be quiet, lol.

Pops gave us an early Christmas gift that night...Clue!

We all enjoyed playing a few rounds! 

After sprinkling the reindeer food in the yard and setting out cookies and milk, we put the kiddos to bed and got ready for the mornings fun!

Jonathan and I had to pre-assemble Sebastian's santa gift before heading to bed ourselves. Christmas morning was lots of takes us hours to open all our gifts. We go one at a time and there being 13 of us this year, it was a lot of rounds..very fun.

Paisley was not ready at 7:30am!

Sebastian hoped right on his gift from santa. 

Paisley finally joined the party. 

What a good helper, lol.

Paisley loved tearing all the paper.

Superman was flying around the room!

After we finished opening it was time to play!!!!


A nap was definitely in order after all that fun!

We helped Pops make fresh apple cider for dessert.

Love making these memories!!! These are the things Sebastian and Paisley will remember years from now!

We continued to play with all our new toys the next day as well.

Isn't her outfit adorable??? I got it from Sparkle In Pink, very reasonable.

I wish I had more of Sebastian but he was not cooperating.

We ended the night with sink baths...she is always on the move now!

We left for our Colorado Adventure the Saturday after Christmas...tons of new memories to keep and cherish!

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