Thursday, January 9, 2014

Oh, the Things My Two Year Old Does!

This is my first time raising a toddler but boy is it getting fun! I love the baby stage and all the cuddling and milestones but Sebastian has reached the age where everything is made better with him around. His verbal skills have grown to be expected, I am the best at deciphering what he is trying to say. It is so adorable when I finally figure out what he means and I can see the triumph on his face.

Some of his new words:
No, No
She/He eat.
It hurts.
I want.
What are you doing?
and many, many more.

Now, they by no means come out that clearly...they are quite hard to decipher, some are much clearer than others. I have tried and tried to get Thank you, but were still working on that one. He does still sign "please".

He still has the absolute worst appetite in the world but we manage it...apparently, I am raising a vegetarian. He has a disdain for all meat products. I can occasionally get him to try pepperoni (only if its cooked) and chicken nuggets (if he is really hungry) but otherwise its all fruits and carbs. He is afraid of macaroni and lives for a drink.

He continues to be the worlds greatest big brother! Paisley adores him and he her. They play so well together and I love when I can just start hearing them laugh from the kitchen. She loves it when he gives her his full attention and says "boo" or "hey" or "Bay-Bee".

Sebastian has grown a great love for dinosaurs, monsters and action figures. We watch a lot of Monsters Inc. and Land Before Time. He doesn't care to watch heroes but loves playing with the action figures like Thor, Superman, Batman, etc. He has also developed a new love of Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry...he's all into the no talking cartoons.

He still hates frogs and most all bugs! He cannot stand for his sleeves to be rolled up! He wants to wear boots (cowboy or rain) everywhere! Although he has a love for all shoes and getting a new pair is just as exciting as a new toy. Apparently, he is the only person alive who has feeling in his hair follicles! Brushing, washing, drying and cutting his hair is just so painful. He is such a helper...he loves to assist with dishes, cleaning, getting diapers, throwing away trash, cleaning up after Paisley, walking the dog, closing the doors, dusting....etc. He loves to draw...with pencils and pens mostly but crayons and markers are becoming more popular. He draws a lot of circles!

He has the cutest laugh and smile ever...its infectious, you cant help but follow suit! He loves his daddy and takes after him in most personality traits.His best friends are his sister and two cousins, Emma and Lilly. He is always asking me "wher Emma?" "wher illilly?" "at house?" they are great buddies.

He is now 31 lbs and growing too tall to keep up with it. He loves his pediatrician and can butter him up enough to get to use all his fun tools. He listened to everyone's heart...leg...arm...stomach the last time we were there.

I know everyone says terrible twos but I have to disagree...he is a blast right now. We do have our meltdowns, tantrums, clear ignoring and bad behaviors but you have that at every age so we learn how to deal with it quickly and move on.

Love my baby boy beyond what I ever could have imagined! So glad to have him in my life and to be his Mama.

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