Sunday, April 15, 2012

Full of Firsts!!!

It has been a weekend of firsts for little Sebastian...We started with his first time drumming. He watched Mama do it once or twice and then worked it like a pro!

Next, he went right on into his first time knocking over Mama's tower of blocks! Again, a natural pro at being destructive.

Then, we decided to take the leap and get a pair of bikes to make our walks a tad bit more interesting. We found ones we both liked and the adventure began! Jonathan and Sebastian had to assemble the baby seat!

It's too cute to watch them do stuff together! Once it was assembled correctly, we were ready to get on the road!

His helmet weighed more than his head but it was ok.

He did so well on his first bike ride, ever!
We stopped at the neighborhood park to use the swings and he went down the slide for the first time!

We had to make fun of Daddy cause his hips wouldn't fit in the slide!
We ended the night and weekend with Sebastian getting his first ever scrape. I guess one booboo for a weekend full of firsts is ok.

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