Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

After finishing all of the decorations inside the house, it was time to tackle the outside of the house...God decided to be nice and has given us a week of fabulous weather, not too cold, not too hot so that I could get it all done!

While I was outside working my little hands off, Jonathan was in charge of keeping the buck-a-roo occupied...since it wasn't time for him to eat :) I was pleasantly surprised to see them emerge from the house in their winter attire! Jonathan put him in his little bear snuggie...it was adorable!

Last weekend, we spent some time hanging out and enjoying all of the Christmas lights. Sebastian enjoyed watching the tree while hanging out in his swing...which is an unusual sight seeing as he hates being anywhere but HELD!

The house looks even better at night...I'll take a picture of it for you!

Sebastian's 2 month check-up is tomorrow afternoon, I am so excited to see how much he has grown! It feels like he has gained some weight and his little booty has definitely grown since we moved up a size in diapers to a 1! His feet also now reach the footies in some of his 0-3 month clothes so he has definitely grown.

I will post his check-up numbers after our appointment!

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  1. I love his little outfit in the swing! So cute!! And your house looks great!!!