Saturday, December 17, 2011

Finished with the Christmas Shopping!


I have actually been finished with all my Christmas shopping for about a week now, being on maternity leave gives me so much time to get all that stuff done! I do dread the day that I have to start working full time at my career and full time as a mom, but you have to do what you have to do. Our livelihood sorta depends on me going back to work, lol.

Look at those wonderful blue eyes, not sure where he got those from!

Sebastian and I have not only finished shopping but we wrapped everything too! I only bought Sebastian two gifts this year since he won't be aware of what he is even receiving :) Then I had to shop for Jonathan, I had fun with that since he is really the only person I got to get a lot for. In my family, due to the fact that there are eight siblings, four significant others, and four grandchildren with two more on the way...we draw names for Christmas! It is simply impossible for each of us to buy each of us a drew Kristyn and Jonathan drew Samuel! We do each buy my parents something cause they get all of us gifts.

Sebastian and Mamie doing tummy time!

Jonathan was stoked about having Sam, that's his best pal! Kristyn was pretty exciting too, since she is expecting twins, I thought there were a vast number of items I could choose from, especially since I just went through pregnancy and childbirth myself and kinda know what it entails. So, I got right to work on the gift buying, I finished Kristyn and my Dad fairly quickly. My mom was a bit more of a challenge but I think I finally got what I wanted!

He loves it when someone talks to him, he was fixated on me.

We also pulled several angels from the Christmas tree at church, adopted a family at work who was in need, and did a gift drawing at work for my office Christmas party. So, I had a few more shopping sprees to go on to cover all of that! We are having a small office party potluck which I am really looking forward too. I have to decide what to bring, I have been going into to work part time to help where needed so Sebastian and I will definitely be attending the kinda have to when you are the President of the corporation. I am racking my brain trying to figure out what to bring though, there are a lot of appetizers being made so I was trying to think of either a dessert or an entree or both! I'll keep looking, I am open to suggestions...

I am also hosting a fancy schmancy dinner party at my house for all of my family on the 22nd! I am super excited about that cause I get to show off all of my Christmas decorations and my awesome cooking skills, lol! I am trying to make several appetizers, the entree with sides, dessert and we are decorating sugar cookies afterwards! LOVE IT! There will be like fifteen people here eating and enjoying so pretty crazy. I get to dress Sebastian up and make a holiday punch...wahoo! It will be a lot of work and I'll have to do another deep clean on the house before everyone arrives but its worth it.

"Whoa Mom...I have to get dressed up!" He likes the mismatched look, just check out those socks! 
If you haven't figured it out yet, these pictures have absolutely nothing to do with this post. We were enjoying some chatting time yesterday and it was a perfect photographic moment...he had quite a few good ones. Anyhow...gotta go, were headed to do some Christmas window shopping!

"This post is too long, I'm tired of looking cute!"

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  1. He looks so BIG in these pictures!
    Good luck with the Christmas dinner! Sounds like you will be a busy lady!! :)