Saturday, December 17, 2011

2 Month Check-up

Sebastian went for his two month check-up on the 14th...I would have blogged then but he was not too happy after getting two shots, it was a grumpy evening. His poor little thighs were a bit sore! On a good note, Sebastian gained 2 1/2 pounds since his last visit...we are super happy about it. He is still only at the 25th percentile for weight but he is right on track for head size and length at 23 inches.

All in all it was a good visit with the doctor telling us that due to Sebastian's very slow eating habits, his disgust of having his diapers changed, extremely light sleeping habits, and refusal to be content unless being held...he is one of the more high maintanence babies. The fact that he wailed the entire appointment didn't really help, lol. It makes no difference to me, he is who he is, we have already learned how to adjust to always holding a little man!

We are trying to see if maybe giving the little guy some rice cereal will stick to his ribs and make him eat his brestmilk just a tad faster.

Before the rice cereal
Not quite sure what we think yet
Its building...

Yesterday, we decided to fight the crowds and go for a visit with Santa! We headed for the fabulous mall and when we arrived...low and behold....Santa was on break until 6pm, ugh! So, we kept the little booger asleep in my Mama Sling and went shopping around the mall, we had thirty minutes to kill. We found a fabulous baby clothes store (I can't pronounce the name of it) with all European styled clothing, it was adorable! I got the little one a few outfits (he will have to grow into no doubt). Sebastian has the tiny problem of not having a beer belly so all of his little britches fall right off!
We then headed into the clothing store near Santa to get some outfits for a family we adopted for christmas. We (Mamie, Sebastian and I) finished up at 6:05pm and walked out of the shop to see Santa but we shocked by the line, which now wound all the way down the aisle and around the stairs...ugh! Santa had not even returned yet! Anyway, we chose to stay and wait to see the Jolly old Fellow! It was quite funny to watch the children's reactions to seeing Santa. One child, probably about 2 years old actually stood in front of Santa and began to lecture him in baby gibberish, hilarious! The wait would not have been so bad if we weren't standing behind the WORST children and family on the planet. The mother kept going on about how she was on the show "Say Yes to the Dress" while her children wildly bounced all over the place! They were jumping off the stairs, climbing the colomns, sticking their mouths on the glass store fronts, trying to EAT the poisonous poinsettas, and knocking into other people's strollers! They were awful, I was very close to announcing that Santa WON'T bring gifts to children like them...but...I held my cool!

Finally, we made it to Santa...only an hour passed Sebastian's feeding time and with a diaper full of smelly fingers were crossed that the crying wouldn't start until after the pictures! Thankfully, we removed him from the sling and quickly placed him on Santa...he had his just woke up face but the pictures turned out great...the crying started approximately two minutes after we finished with Santa...apparently the hunger pains finally kicked in!

He has no idea what's going on
Adorable, if I do say so myself!
 The home stretch of the holidays have begun...Aunt Kelly is finally in town and Aunt Kristyn arrives soon!

Oh...that reminds me, I am finally allowed to say something but I get to be an Aunt TWINS!!!

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  1. Wow! Congrats to Kristyn and Patrick! That is great news!
    The Santa pics are adorable.. those bratty kids in front of you make you thankful for your sweet kid even more, huh? ;)

    Sam is lean like Sebastian as well and he is usually a size smaller in pants than he is in shirts/onesies. Steve says he's "lean and mean." ;)