Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hanging out with Daddy while on College Break

Jonathan is finally done with his semester...we get to actually spend some time with him now! His first order of business:

Catching up on some much needed sleep!
We also decided to put together Sebastian's christmas gift...his train set...its a tad bit old for him but its ok, his cousins will get some use out of it before he does. It was simply too great of a deal to pass up, gotta love those Sam's Club seasonal items.

In such a great mood in his adorable reindeer outfit!

I finally took a night picture of the house so everyone could see my amazing decorating skills, lol. Jonathan and Samuel put up the lights but I did the rest :)

Trying to be self satisfying...only lasted about two minutes!
We went to hang out at Mamie and Pops' house with Emma and Lilly!

There will be 15 people celebrating christmas at my parents house this year...its very overwhelming but very exciting and fun as well! The gifts have started to accumulate under the tree, just three or four each and there will already be 45-60 gifts under the tree...its crazy! I can't wait for the madness to start when Kristyn and Patrick get into town tomorrow. Our holiday party is Thursday and then my company party is Friday and Christmas eve is Saturday! It has begun...
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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  1. Merry Christmas! Hope y'all have a great time visiting with everyone!!